Makai no Owari

makai-no-owari-cd-dvd-416855-2Release Date: 2015-08-26
End Production Date: 2016-02-25
Initial Price: ¥2600 (CD+DVD), 1800 (CD)
Catalog #: AVCD-93140/B (CD+DVD), AVCD-93141 (CD)
Label: avex trax



Track list (CD)

  2. 魔界行進曲
  3. 魔界のI LOVE YOU
  4. 魔界女子☆恋モード
  5. +゜*。:゜+(*´∀’*)+゜:。*+ぴかりんFUTURE+゜*。:゜+(*´∀’*)+゜:。*+
  6. MAKAJO69
  7. ドゲザナイ~お前をひざまづかせてやろうか~

Track list (DVD)

  1. 魔界女子☆恋モード (MUSIC VIDEO)
  2. リアルリア充(仮) (MUSIC VIDEO)
  3. とろあまちゅ (MUSIC VIDEO)
  4. 侵略ぴかりん伝説☆ (MUSIC VIDEO)
  5. ドゲザナイ~お前をひざまづかせてやろうか~ (プロモーション映像) (特典映像)

Makai no Owari is the first mini-album released by Shiina Pikarin. It was on the Oricon weekly chart for one week and reached its peak of 130 on September 7, 2015.

It was released in two versions, CD and CD+DVD. each version also came in a reflective cover for the first press.