Boy, it sure has been dead in the idol world when it comes to new for the past couple weeks. Garry, Terry and John manage to scrape together enough to put on a pretty good show this week. We did have some technical difficulties during the live broadcast but you fine folks listening to the VOD don’t have to worry about that.

In the news this week:

  • BiSH announce details of their latest concert DVD release.
  • Yukueshirezutsurezure announce the impending departure of Cococo.
  • OTOTOY interview Junnosuke Watanabe ahead of EMPiRE’s debut.
  • Broken By The Scream announce new mini-album “SCREAMING RHAPSODY”.
  • Pour Lui fails her DiET or DiE challenge and is suspended from BiS indefinitely.
  • BABYMETAL hold a lottery for a very limited edition item of merchandise.
  • Malcolm Mask McLaren announce a new single and a one-man live.
  • REGiNA KiSS announce a “Best Of” album.
  • Steam Girls preview new song “sexy☆rabbit”.

We also share our thoughts on MVs from BiS, Namennayo Harajuku, 2& and Kami Geki SHINGEKI.

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Alt Idol Top 10s – Best Releases of 2016

Well, with no podcast this week we had to put out something else. We can not leave all of you with nothing to watch. With 2017 quickly drawing to a close and people beginning to consider their favorite releases from this past year, we thought now would be a good time to look back on some of our favorite releases from 2016. So here are our Top 10 releases from 2016 for your consideration.


Alt Idol Top 10s – Best Breakdowns

OK, so when we don’t have enough for a podcast you will probably be getting one of our Top 10 lists. This week is for all you fans of the heaviness, of course we could not fit all the awesome breakdowns in, but we tried to pick the cream of the crop.

Just remember, this list is not all inclusive and is not in any particular order. If you like anything you heard there are links to buy that stuff in the video description. We want to make it easy for you to buy all the good stuff.

The Alt Idol Podcast Ep.18: Taking Ourselves Higher

After a week off Garry, Terry and John are back. This week I am remote broadcasting from California, much to the dismay of my family, but I just can’t miss a show. We try to cover almost two weeks worth of news although we did have to cut some due to time restrictions.

In the news this week:

  • BiS member Peri Ubu is sidelined with a stomach infection.
  • ANFORT finally calls time on DEVIL GUN and PANiC MAGiC.
  • Mikuchiyo Mene withdraws from Zenbu Kimi no Sei da due to ongoing health issues.
  • NECRONOMIDOL reveal more details about their upcoming single”DAWNSLAYER”.
  • GANG PARADE announce a new album and one-man in November.
  • You’ll Melt More! announce a new single, new album and a new tour to coincide with their 5th anniversary.
  • Gokigen Teikoku announce their first album releasing in October. Member Tsuzura Nagi celebrates her birthday.
  • Idol supergroup NATASHA announce details of their new single “MOONLiGHT / VOLCANO” and perform it at TIF.
  • ・・・・・・・・・ (Dots) announce a new single “Tokyo”, clocking in at a massive 72 minutes long.
  • Shuuengo Buppan preview another new song “twilight of sunday”

We also share our thoughts on MVs from Yanakoto Sotto Mute, BiSH, Yukueshirezutsurezure, ・・・・・・・・・ and Alloy.

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The Alt Idol Podcast Ep.16: What Production Budget?

Garry, Terry and John are back for a second week and shooting for a record streak of consecutive episodes. This week we talk about all kinds of stuff, new, old and other. Get yourself a cold beverage and have a listen.

In the news this week:

  • JyuJyu add two new members to their ranks.
  • Gokigen Teikoku are holding a contest for YOU, yes you to create their new MV.
  • Idol supergroup NATASHA are returning to perform at TIF with some new songs.
  • TeddyLoid and Aina the End’s latest collaboration “Break the Doors” is released.
  • Yukueshirezutsurezure announce details of their upcoming single and preview a demo of its a-side.
  • Zenbu Kimi no Sei da show off a remastered track from their upcoming double album reissue.
  • Codomomental debut a new group called Kakuriyo Terror Architect.
  • GARUDA is John’s latest new find.

We also share our thoughts on MVs from DEADLIFT LOLITA, Oyasumi Hologram, BILLIE IDLE, You’ll Melt More! and ・・・・・・・・・.

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Codomomental: So Much Yami-Kawaii

Today we are just pretty much just going to cut to the chase. The two most well known Codomomental acts, ぜんぶ君のせいだ。(Zenbu Kimi no Sei da.) and their sister group ゆくえしれずつれづれ (Yukueshirezutsurezure), have bith given us fantastic tracks this week. Of course in standard fashion they were only available for two hours.

But, fear not listeners, we have treats.

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The Alt Idol Podcast Ep.15: NECRONOMIDOL in EUPOPE Tour

Garry, Terry and John, after a week off, are back. Terry has a bit to say about the NECRONOMIDOL show in London. We discuss a couple new groups, while John stumbles all over his own words. At the end of the show, the video discussion gets a bit spicy.

In the news this week:

  • Mistress, Shiori from Fruitpochette, Yukueshirezutsurezure and Malcolm Mask McLaren have all been in the recording studio.
  • Gokigen Teikoku have also been in the studio, but went a step further and revealed a new song “Shinya Ramen no Saikou” at a recent live show.
  • Fujisaki Ayane (Pinky) from announces a collaboration with Noora and Petra of Dear Stars☆.
  • Hissatsu Emomomomo and Shuuengo Buppan are the new kids on the block.
  • Malcolm Mask McLaren add two new members.
  • MIGMA SHELTER release their first single “Svaha Eraser”.
  • A feature length documentary of the recent WACK auditions is coming soon.
  • PassCode announce details of their 1st major album “ZENITH”.

We also share our thoughts on MVs from You’ll Melt More!, RHYMEBERRY, DEADLIFT LOLITA, GANG PARADE and PassCode.

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