Alt Idol Top 10s – Best Breakdowns

OK, so when we don’t have enough for a podcast you will probably be getting one of our Top 10 lists. This week is for all you fans of the heaviness, of course we could not fit all the awesome breakdowns in, but we tried to pick the cream of the crop.

Just remember, this list is not all inclusive and is not in any particular order. If you like anything you heard there are links to buy that stuff in the video description. We want to make it easy for you to buy all the good stuff.

Yamitsuki Company……. What is all this?

Our good pal, RamenShuriken, over on the Twitter clued us into this group Yamitsuki Company ((株)やみつきカンパニー). He is pretty good with stuff of this nature so I gave it a go. Hey, guess what, they are pretty damn good. This is their first MV, 『病ンデレ///Sickness』, and I really like it. I even looked into the group a bit and learned they just did a very odd thing.

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