The Alt Idol Podcast Ep. 36: PAiNT it BLACK to the dreamlight

Only a one week break and we are back. It seems there was a slight audio issue, but nothing you all can’t handle. So, come listen for all that news and stuff.

  • All of the fallout from the recent WACK auditions.
  • It’s finally all over for Checkmate.
  • Gokigen Teikoku announce further auditions for both their man group and Gokigen 2nd.
  • Gokigen 2nd announce their first official member.
  • Kaqriyo Terror Architect are also auditioning for new members.
  • EMPiRE release their debut album “THE EMPiRE STRiKES START!!” on iTunes for 300 yen for 24 hours only.
  • Living Dead I Dolls are getting rebooted.
  • It’s April 1st in Japan and a bunch of Idols got in on the action.
  • Gokigen Teikoku announce details of their second digital single “Uretai Capriccio”.
  • sora tob sakana announce details of their upcoming “Alight EP”.
  • Oyasumi Hologram to release second acoustic live album “0118”.
  • Yanakoto Sotto Mute release “2nd Oneman “echoes” Live @Akasaka Blitz” on digital, DVD and Blu-ray.
  • Neuchan previews new song “0328”.
  • Zenbu Kimi no Sei da preview new song “Tonari Corata Arata”.
  • Oyasumi Hologram preview new song “COLORS”.

We also share our thoughts on MVs from DIABLE VOIX, THERE THERE THERES, BiSH, Shingeki, Screaming Sixties feat The Heanacat and EMPiRE.

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The Alt Idol Podcast Ep. 31: Three Is The Magic Number

Only a two week gap this time, looks like things are starting to pick up in the old idol world again. Listen to us jabber on about idol type things, if that is something you like doing….

In the news this week:

  • sora tob sakana sign with a major label.
  • Aina and Chittiii guest on a Marty Friedman song.
  • AQBI debut new group Gu-Gu LULU.
  • Dates for NECRONOMIDOL’s European tour are announced.
  • BiSH to contribute a song to the Sailor Moon 25th anniversary album.
  • WOWOW Prime to broadcast BABYMETAL’s LEGEND S performance.
  • Gokigen Teikoku announce 3 new singles, 3 3-man lives and a one-man live tour at their 3rd one-man live.
  • The finalists for the new Gokigen Teikoku produced group are revealed.
  • SPARK SPEAKER to release new album “Meaning of Life” on April 11th.
  • Aina the End collaborated with MONDO GROSSO on upcoming album “Attune / Detune” releasing March 21st.
  • uijin to release new mini-album “everything is practice” on April 18th.
  • Kaqriyo Terror Architect preview new song “Makafushigi Zumu”.
  • Wagamama Rakia preview new song “cry pot”.
  • CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL preview new song “Ichibandori”.
  • Bonnou Paradox preview new song “Yotsu Uchi”.
  • There There Theres perform upcoming song “SOIL” live.

We also share our thoughts on MVs from GANG PARADE, Candye♡Syrup and MIGMA SHELTER.

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The Alt Idol Podcast Ep. 28: Never Mind The Box Set

Anyone having a rough time after last night? Sit back, relax and have yourself a nice ong listen to this weeks podcast. Garry, Terry and John have a bit of a chat about all the alt idol stuff that has happened since the last one. There were a couple really interesting bits.

In the news this week:

  • Kaneko Rie debuts her new solo project trolleattroll.
  • Former Guso Drop member Waka also announces a new solo project.
  • Ogura Karin announces her graduation from There There Theres.
  • Mistress are back in the recording studio.
  • Former Checkmate member Emiri joins Wonder Weed.
  • Gokigen Teikoku announce that they’re recruiting members for a new group.
  • The results of the WACK election are announced.
  • Candye♡Syrup announce a new mini-album.
  • JyuJyu also announce a new mini-album.
  • Gokigen Teikoku announce the DVD release of their 2nd one-man live.
  • CY8ER announce the release of their debut album.
  • BABYMETAL announce another overpriced Blu-Ray box set.
  • PassCode announce the release of their first photobook.
  • Sora Tob Sakana preview their new song “Eikaku na Nichijou”.
  • BURST GIRL tease rehearsal footage of a new song.
  • CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL also tease a new song that they are rehearsing.
  • Candye♡Syrup preview “Sweet Suicide” from their upcoming mini-album

We also share our thoughts on MVs from You’ll Melt More!, Himekyun Fruit Can, PiGU, CY8ER, Panda Mic and trolleattroll.

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There There Theres’ Socials ….. That is What the Kids Say, Right?

Fans of Bellring少女ハート probably know that a couple of them formed a new group. Friends, your day is now here. You can follow all most of the members on the Twitter. I know you want to keep up with your new favorite group right? Well, get after it then.





Kai (I guess she has one, I can’t find it. To hold you over, here is her completely empty blog)

There There Theres

Official Website:

There There Theres ……….. What?!?!

There There Theres, interesting name to say the least. But what is it all about. It seems that Reina and Kai, late of Bellring少女ハート (Bellring Girls Heart), have formed a new unit, 5 girls strong.

Who are they? What will they sound like? To these questions the only answer I can give is: I have no idea. Speculation is already running wild in some circles. I guess we will find out on February 18, 2017 when they have their first live, and it is a one-man to boot, 「GOOD MORNING WORLD」 at 赤坂BLITZ. And the next day a fashion show 「Vantan IDOL COLLECTION-JAPANICATION-」at EBiS303.

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