There There Theres’ Socials ….. That is What the Kids Say, Right?

Fans of Bellring少女ハート probably know that a couple of them formed a new group. Friends, your day is now here. You can follow all most of the members on the Twitter. I know you want to keep up with your new favorite group right? Well, get after it then.





Kai (I guess she has one, I can’t find it. To hold you over, here is her completely empty blog)

There There Theres

Official Website:

There There Theres ……….. What?!?!

There There Theres, interesting name to say the least. But what is it all about. It seems that Reina and Kai, late of Bellring少女ハート (Bellring Girls Heart), have formed a new unit, 5 girls strong.

Who are they? What will they sound like? To these questions the only answer I can give is: I have no idea. Speculation is already running wild in some circles. I guess we will find out on February 18, 2017 when they have their first live, and it is a one-man to boot, 「GOOD MORNING WORLD」 at 赤坂BLITZ. And the next day a fashion show 「Vantan IDOL COLLECTION-JAPANICATION-」at EBiS303.

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