Quickie: mistress Recruiting

I don’t know if there are any aspiring idols out there looking for a group to try out for, if there are, mistress is recruiting. So, if you think you have the stuff they are looking for, the details are below.

Official Website: http://mistress.radcreation.jp/

The Alternative Idol Podcast Ep. 5: Drollrum Please

Once again we are back with the best (only) English language podcast about Alternative Japanese Idol music on the internet! We chatted about the news of the week, some videos and I even think there might be a joke or two in there. We, Terry (Ramenshuriken), Garry (Idol is SHiT) and John  (Straight From Japan) always have something entertaining to say, and it might even be informative.

Oh, we also did a give-away. That was super fun.

In the news this week

  • All of the fallout from the WACK auditions
  • Details of BABYMETAL’s upcoming summer tour of Japan
  • DEADLIFT LOLITA announce their first US appearance at Anime Midwest in Chicago
  • Broken By The Scream add a new member and announce their first one-man show
  • Zenbu Kimi no Sei da, GANG PARADE and BiSH offer up previews of their upcoming releases

We also share our thoughts on MVs from Living Dead I Dolls, Mistress, Hachimitsu★Koutei, BILLIE IDLE and Malcolm Mask McLaren.

Multiple audio formats available of all our podcasts at archive.org

We are now available on Stitcher, Pocket Cast and now on iTunes

mistress Gives Us A Preview

Well, since our look at the mistress live they have gone and put out a preview of their upcoming release. We lucky souls get a preview of a track. It is called DECiSION, and it sounds pretty good to me. As a bonus they included a live version from the previously reported live.

Here is the tweet.

Official Website: http://mistress.radcreation.jp/

Live Footage From mistress

We sure seem to post about mistress a lot around these parts. Well, we are doing it again. The girls have released some footage from their live at the Dera Rock Festival, February 5, 2017. Needless to say, the energy is fantastic, the crowd is great, the music kicks ass and Chia is not afraid to get out in the crowd and mix it up, nope she just jumps right in there. Just watch 白雪姫症候群 (Snow White Syndrome) to see what I am talking about. Anyhow, enough with the blathering, lets get to it.

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mistress, Out With the Old

Not long ago mistress announced they would be getting a new look, well, last night it happened. I for one think the new outfits look pretty awesome. They also announced the release date for their mini-album, April 18, 2017. I hope to be able to get my hands on one.

The tweet included details on the costume designer, Kinkopink, who was also the designer on Alloy’s costumes among others.

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mistress Has an Announcement

Remember when mistress announced some songs and new costumes? Yeah, they are still on the way…… this weekend. They have also let us know that the song being introduced is the lead track off the upcoming album. you read that correctly, album.

So we can all look forward to a new look and an album (I am super excited!!!)

Official Website: http://mistress.radcreation.jp/