The Alternative Idol Podcast Ep.9: LoL Icons

Four weeks in a row, must be some sort of record. Here comes your favorite alternative idol podcast. Your hosts Garry, Terry and John are back one more time to talk about all kinds of idol news. I think there is even some discussion about some music videos as well. It is a super packed show.

In the news this week:

  • Mistress and Malcolm Mask McLaren announce the departure of a member.
  • Zenbu Kimi no Sei da release a solo song for Megumi.
  • CY8ER shoot a music video.
  • Yukueshirezutsurezure / Not Secured, Loose Ends are touring Canada THIS WEEK.
  • NECRONOMIDOL announce a mysterious new solo project for one of their members.
  • Living Dead I Dolls get ready to debut some new songs and outfits.
  • CDJapan lift their export ban on BiSH merchandise…for now at least.
  • Maison book girl announce a new single with a July 19th release date.
  • Broken By The Scream to start performing mini-lives via Showroom next month.

We also share our thoughts on MVs from Haruno Megumi, Mikazuki Maria, BiS, Kikkawa You and 969.

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The Alternative Idol Podcast Ep. 5: Drollrum Please

Once again we are back with the best (only) English language podcast about Alternative Japanese Idol music on the internet! We chatted about the news of the week, some videos and I even think there might be a joke or two in there. We, Terry (Ramenshuriken), Garry (Idol is SHiT) and John  (Straight From Japan) always have something entertaining to say, and it might even be informative.

Oh, we also did a give-away. That was super fun.

In the news this week

  • All of the fallout from the WACK auditions
  • Details of BABYMETAL’s upcoming summer tour of Japan
  • DEADLIFT LOLITA announce their first US appearance at Anime Midwest in Chicago
  • Broken By The Scream add a new member and announce their first one-man show
  • Zenbu Kimi no Sei da, GANG PARADE and BiSH offer up previews of their upcoming releases

We also share our thoughts on MVs from Living Dead I Dolls, Mistress, Hachimitsu★Koutei, BILLIE IDLE and Malcolm Mask McLaren.

Multiple audio formats available of all our podcasts at

We are now available on Stitcher, Pocket Cast and now on iTunes

Quickie: Living Dead I Dolls 2nd Demo

Living Dead I Dolls performed a new song tonight  and it has been announced that they will be releasing a second demo in March. It sounds like it will contain three tracks. I still have not been able to get my hands on the first one yet.

Official Website:

Two More Videos From Living Dead I Dolls

Ok, this is starting to get a little crazy. Already we have had two videos from Living Dead I Dolls. Now we get two more. I know there was some difficulty in uploading the videos to Youtube last night, but I didn’t think there were going to be four in total.

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Living Dead I Dolls Drops A Live Video On Us – UDATED

I have been waiting and waiting to see Living Dead I Dolls in a video. Now I get to and so do you. This is all along with the news reported earlier with other stuff they are doing. So far this day is starting of with a bang. Now if I can just get my hands on one of those venue only CDs.

As I was getting in bed, you know old people need naps, this tweet popped up. and a brief exchange occurred.

Lo and behold, upon waking there was a sweet new video. Dang it, these girls do have some energy. I love surprises.

Official Website:

Lyrics for Living Dead I Dolls tracks released

The writer/producer for Living Dead I Dolls has released the lyrics for songs off the debut single. The single is only available at lives (starting January 2nd) , and may be sold out by now.

Now, my Japanese is not good enough to even attempt a translation of song lyrics. So I can not help with that. The writer/producer has been kind enough to give a little information about each set of lyrics.

I am hoping to someday be able to find  copy…… fingers crossed.

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