Quickie: Kimi to Boku Releasing First Single

It has been a while since we have heard anything from 君と僕、ときどきメランコリック (Kimitoboku, tokidoki merankorikku). I think they have lost members, gained members. Well, they are releasing their first single today, June 15th 2017 (in Japan). They will be doing it at a release event at Shinjuku Holiday.

That is about it. I could not find any pictures of the single, the contents of it. Information is just sparse.

Official Website: http://scube-e.com/kimitobokutdm-home.html

Kimitoboku is Recuiting

You might remember 君と僕、ときどきメランコリック (Kimitoboku, tokidoki merankorikku) from a previous story on this site. Newly reformed and ready to get out there and perform. Well, they seem to want to increase the size of the group. I have not seen any announcements of graduation or anything like that.

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Kimitoboku, A Fairy Tale Horror Romance

Just browsing around Twitter, checking up on some of my “idols to watch”, Living Dead I Dolls in this instance and this tweet popped up….

Along with a slew of others. Of course I instantly want to know who are the other girls in the photo. Well a bit of digging, not to much mind you, led me to the answer.

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