JyuJyu – Black Thread MV

Well, here they are, じゅじゅ [JyuJyu], with their new video, 「黒糸」. I was wondering when we would find out what this little video clip was all about. Now we know, it is another great video from the cursed idols. Now it is not as cinematic as their previous offering, but it is very good in its own way. I want to know where all the chair footage is, like seen in the short clip.

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Quickie: JyuJyu MV Shoot

So I am going to try out a bit of a new style of story, the quickie. These will be short bits with only a little content. They will later be expanded as more information comes along. So, on with the story.

It looks as if JyuJyu is shooting an MV. Information is scant at the moment. I am assuming that it is for the title track from the new release, 黒糸 [Black Thread]. While it does look a little brighter than the last video they gave us, only time will tell what we will really get. When we get a little more information we will let you know.

So far all we have is this little video clip.

Official Website: http://jyujyu.info/

JyuJyu…… Please Just Take My Soul

Have ever woken up to the feeling of your very essence being sucked from your body by a malevolent outside force? We neither have I, but good old Terry did let me know the JyuJyu has released the other two tracks from their upcoming single. Oh man, this is going to be quite the release and I for one can not wait. Lets see what we have here. I am going to go through all three tracks…… yeah I already told you about the previous release last week, I think you will live though.

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New Look for JyuJyu

JyuJyu unveiled  a new look at the Vantan IDOL COLLECTION -JAPANICATION- Runway show at EBiS303. Now I did say new, what I mean by that is that the Gothic aesthetic is still there but the clothing is new. I think that it is more Gothic than before, which is awesome. I mean who doesn’t love that particular image. It does suit the musical subject matter well.

Now, if they would just push that new release forward a tiny bit, I don’t want to wait until March.

Enough of my rambling, lets see what we have to look forward to from these three fine ladies.

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JyuJyu Release Info and Sample Track

Oh boy do I love me some じゅじゅ(JyuJyu), who doesn’t really. They are like some sort of cute nightmare fuel. Gothic, dark subject matter…… I could go on and on, but lets get to the news.

First, a new single, 「黒糸」, to be released on March 14, 2017. It will have three tracks, one of which is a remix of the title track. Priced as expected ¥1080 (tax in).  Pretty much the only questions I have is: Where can I pre-order?


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