The Alternative Idol Podcast Ep.10: It’s ANOTHER Chanmomo Podcast

Terry and John are back one more time to talk about all kinds of idol news. Garry, is not with us this time and is, of course, sorely missed. We have the usual back forth about all the current news we could find, I think we also go off on a couple of tangents which are always fun.

In the news this week:

  • Alloy, Oyasumi Hologram and BILLIE IDLE all announce new CD releases (Alloy and BILLIE IDLE also throw in some tour dates for good measure).
  • NECRONOMIDOL’s Imaizumi Rei is getting her own solo project.
  • Pour Lui updates us on her “DiET or DiE” progress.
  • ICE CREAM SUICIDE announce Koguma Kinako’s graduation.

We also share our thoughts on MVs from Band Ja Naimon!, DaiDaiDai and Aphrodite, as well as running down the past week’s CD releases.

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Alt Idol Podcast Ep. 2: This IS a Chanmomo Podcast

Here we go, Terry (Ramenshuriken), Garry (Idol is SHiT) and John (Straight From Japan) bring you The Alternative Idol Podcast numero two. We ironed out a couple things, found some more wrinkles, debuted a slick new look and tried not to stumble all over each others words like a bunch of bumbling buffoons. I think it came off pretty well, but you will have to listen and judge for yourself.

In the news this week:

  • Anna leaving ICE CREAM SUICIDE and ANFORT’s questionable business practices.
  • BABYMETAL’s upcoming tour with Korn and Stone Sour.
  • BiS leader Pour Lui undertakes a dieting challenge.
  • TeddyLoid and Aina from BiSH collaborate on an EP.
  • Hime Koto Zettaichi are the new kids on the block.
  • Information on upcoming releases from Neve Slide Down, Mistress, PassCode and BILLIE IDLE.

We also give our thoughts on MVs from Maison Book Girl, Band Ja Naimon, Neve Slide Down and GANG PARADE.

Multiple audio formats available of all our podcasts at


Anna quit ICE CREAM SUICIDE a couple days ago. She has written a pretty lengthy post about the reasons why. It seems to be due, for the most part, to the management style of ANFORT, a company thought by many to be one of the worst management companies out there. It seems she even had to get lawyers involved to get out of her contract. That sounds like there was something going on that must have been pretty bad to go to that length to get out. Her post is pretty understandable with machine translation.

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