Quickie: DEVIL GUN and Metalcore?

After what happened to ICE CREAM SUICIDE the other day it seems ANFORT is trying something new. They have lined up DEVIL GUN to support the UK Metalcore band, Fathoms, on March 20th during their Japan tour.  Maybe it is just me but this seems like a very odd move. I hope this works out for them as ANFORT really seems to be struggling lately.

Official Website: http://www.devilgun.com/

DEVIL GUN Still Kicking

Things looked grim for DEVIL GUN not too long ago with the departure of Nitou Rechi. Lucky for fans, Shiga Rami, from their sister group PANiC MAGiC, stepped in to do support and they were able to continue.

Last night they introduced a new song, 「双極亡失MYTHOLOGY」. She seemed happy to “show off”, as she put it, the song she had been practicing so hard. I really hope she doesn’t burn out from singing in both groups

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