Zenkimi Previews – Mene’s Solo Song

We have been waiting a little while to hear the two remaining solo songs from Zenkimi, with just Togaren and Mene left to show us their stuff, we waited eagerly to see what Zenkimi would have in store for us and now they have finally delivered, an this time its Mene’s turn!

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Zenkimi Previews – Megumi’s Solo Song

Another week another Zenkimi preview! this time its the turn of our very own part manager part idol Megumi.

Now i’ll be honest I was expecting something akin to Yotsus solo and it too be mostly electronic but so it turns out zenkimi dont care what I was expecting and decided to completely flip the tables on us with something I can only describe as FACE MELTING.

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The Alternative Idol Podcast Ep.7: Not Doing Things By the Book (Girl)

We managed to do two weeks in a row, and that is just fantastic, don’t you think? Garry is back from parts unknown, chatting with John and Terry about various idol happenings. Plus, things get a little sideways for a second and the show get a bit spicy.

In the news this week:

  • We talk about Spark Speaker, formerly known as Dinosaur Brain.
  • CY8ER and Gokigen Teikoku provide us with details of their new members.
  • Zenbu Kimi no Sei da preview 2 more brand new songs.
  • Codomomental are auditioning for an as yet unannounced project.
  • Local man tries to sue idol group, fails miserably.

We also share our thoughts on MVs from mistress, Maison book girl, Neuchan and Koutei Camera Gal.

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