A TIF2017 First Round Pass

Yes, another story about my favorite girls, 煩悩Paradox. It looks like they have entered the selection process for entry into the Tokyo Idol Festival 2017. This is super exciting because it is such a huge audience for them to play for, regardless of which stage out of the many TIF stages they play on. The exposure would be great for them. I say congratulations on your first round pass and good luck in the second round.

The second round selection will be shown on Showroom from February 19 to February 28th.

If you want to watch the selection process on Showroom or see a list of some other group trying to make the cut, here you go.

Official Website: http://www.bonpara.com/

Bonnou Paradox Putting in Some Hard Work

Here at Straight From Japan we have supported 煩悩Paradox from the start, sort of our own little special idol group to nurture and grow. Being a pretty new act people probably don’t expect to much from them, but they would like to show you what they are made of.

They are well aware that they already have international support, shoot, a couple of us westerners were ready to pretty much throw money at their initial Campfire crowdfunding effort (if it were only open to international donors……. sigh).

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