bish_-_killer_bish_cdRelease Date: 2016-10-05
End Production Date: 2017-04-04
Initial Price: ¥6458 (Live Edition) ¥4320 (HMV Loppi Edition) ¥3240 (CD Edition)
Catalog #:  AVCD-93453/B (Live Edition), AVCD-93454 (CD Edition), AVC1-93485/B (HMV Loppi Edition)
Label: avex trax



Track list

  2. ファーストキッチンライフ
  3. オーケストラ
  4. Stairway to me
  5. IDOL is SHIT
  6. 本当本気
  7. KNAVE
  8. Am I FRENZY??
  9. My distiction
  10. summertime
  11. Hey gate
  12. Throw away
  13. 生きててよかったというのなら

Track list (DVD live edition)

  1. 2016.3.27 @ shinagawa Stellarball IDOL SWiNDLE TOUR FINAL

Track list (HMV Loppi DVD)

  1. (BiSH キャノンボール (web非公開シーン有り)
  2. オーケストラ -Music video-

KiLLER BiSH is the third album (first major label) by BiSH. It was on the Oricon weekly chart for seven weeks and reached its peak of 7 on October 17, 2016.

It was released in three versions, Live, HMV Loppi and CD. The Live version came in limited and standard editions. THe HMV Loppi and CD versions came in standard only. First press Live editions from HMV came with one of six posters.

KiLLER BiSH Promotional Photo

KiLLER BiSH Promotional Photo