bis_-_who_killed_idol_dvd_b_leRelease Date: 2014-03-05 (CD versions), 2014-04-19 (Vinyl version)
End Production Date: 2014-10-18 (vinyl version)
Initial Price: ¥5250 (type A), ¥4200 (type B), ¥3150 (CD Edition), ¥4000 (Vinyl)
Catalog #: AVCD-38910/B (C+DVD type A), AVCD-38911/B (CD+DVD type B), AVCD-38912 (CD Edition), AVJD-38957/B
Label: avex trax



Track list (CD all version)

  1. primal.2
  2. DiE
  3. STUPiG
  4. no regret
  5. マグマト
  6. GET YOU w/ Dorothy Little Happy
  8. MMGK
  9. BiSimulation
  10. ERROR
  11. nasty face
  12. Fly
  13. Hi
  14. Hide out cut
  15. プライマル。

Track list (DVD type A)

  1. アイドル・イズ・デッド -ノンちゃんのプロパガンダ大戦争- “Special Edition”

Track list (DVD type B)

  1. ASH
  2. hitoribochi
  3. GET YOU w/Dorothy Little Happy
  4. BiSimulation
  5. Hide out cut
  6. DiE
  8. Fly
  9. Hi
  10. STUPiG
  11. ODD FUTURE -プー・ルイ Ver.-
  12. ODD FUTURE -ヒラノノゾミ Ver.-
  13. ODD FUTURE -ファーストサマーウイカ Ver.-
  14. ODD FUTURE -テンテンコ Ver.-
  15. ODD FUTURE -カミヤサキ Ver.-
  16. ODD FUTURE -コショージメグミ Ver.-
  17. primal.2

WHO KiLLED IDOL is the third album released by BiS. It was on the Oricon weekly chart for three weeks and reached its peak of 14 on March 17, 2014.

It was released in four versions. All three versions, type A, type B and CD, came in standard and limited editions. The fourth version was a limited vinyl double LP.


WHO KiLLED IDOL Promotional Photo