The Alt Idol Podcast Ep. 29: Pour Lui is BiStory!?!?!

After a bit of a scramble to put a bunch of stories together that popped up at the end of the week, Garry, Terry and John are back with a pretty good go at a podcast, although a touch of  long one. Sit back with a beverage or two and enjoy.

In the news this week:

  • Pour Lui announces her graduation from BiS.
  • BABYMETAL guitarist Fujioka Mikio tragically dies aged 36.
  • LADYBABY are recruiting for new members.
  • NATASHA change their name to ARC∀DIA.
  • Kunogi Hibiki announces her hiatus from Gokigen Teikoku.
  • Yoneko announces her graduation from MIGMA SHELTER.
  • Re Alice gets rebooted.
  • NECRONOMIDOL announce a new album and a European tour.
  • Ex-Living Dead I Dolls member Satomi launches new solo project cyberMINK.
  • PassCode announce a new album.
  • BiS release details of their upcoming single.
  • LADYBABY announce another Best Of album.
  • Kaqriyo Terror Architect announce their first album.
  • DaiDaiDai announce a new mini-album.
  • DESU.RABBITS announce a new single.
  • Rinahamu launches new solo project Hamrig.
  • BiSH preview new song “PAiNT it BLACK”
  • Kaqriyo Terror Architect preview 3 new songs from their upcoming album.
  • BURST GIRL show off two new songs at their debut live.

We also share our thoughts on MVs from cyberMINK, trolleattroll, Attain Music, Synth de La Eve and Kimi ni Toritsukitai.

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Kaqriyo Terror Architect Yet Another Preview

Well, here we are again, and we had almost 24 hours notice this time. Either this song is the third on a new single or it will be added to the other two  previous singles to make an album. Not sure yet. Anyway, you have two hours to listen to this one.

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Kaqriyo Terror Architect Another New Song

They did not sneak this one by me today. I suspect there will soon be an announcement of a new single release or more probably an album. There are almost enough already released to make a full album for sure. Check it out, two hour window.

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Kaqriyo Terror Architect Song Preview

Totally missed out on this one. I know, shame on me for sleeping and taking a day to try and get some real life stuff done…… shame this man. Anyhow, 幽世テロルArchitect gave us a preview of one of their new tracks. It is called 「Hide and Seek」.

Don’t bother trying to get to it through the below link though, it isn’t there anymore. Two hour window and what not. You know, standard codomomental stuff…..

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Breaking News: Pour Lui will Graduate From BiS

Watanabe has announced over Twitter that Pour Lui will be graduating from BiS on March 4th at the tour final at Ryogoku Kokugikan . No other details at this time.

At the live she said one thing that stands out. 「わたしにとってBiSは必要じゃなくなって、BiSにもわたしが必要じゃなくなってました。」. Basically she said this: For me, BiS is no longer necessary, and I am not necessary for BiS.”