That Is New To Me: KING∞RAGE

……New and almost replacement might be a better way of saying it. After the mysterious countdown we had on the Checkmate Twitter was over…..

……. everything changed and now we have KING∞RAGE. How about a little look at them.

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BABYMETAL – Distortion [demo] Plus MV

Hmmmm…… Methinks a person might be getting fired, or this is a shrewd calculation by BABYMETAL’s management, it can be hard to tell. What ever the case, some of you probably heard that there was a “leak” of a new BABYMETAL track called Distortion.

Anyhow here is the track.. does it live up to expectations? At this point who knows, it has been so long some may be expecting too much. Also, if it sounds a bit rough remember that it is a demo.

Click below photo to listen to the song

Well, all the distraction worked and they were able to slip the MV in all sneaky like.

Official Website:


リリックホリックノワール – Curse of bloodborne (MV) Plus More

When Lyric Holic Kagekidan called it a day it was a bit of a surprise. Yes, we had not heard much from them in a while, since they put out “Alice Madness” in late 2016, but they were still active. Then late last year they did their last live and there was the announcement that they were doing auditions to create a sort of second coming of the group.

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