NECRONOMIDOL Unveil New Members And More (UPDATED)

Tonight was the night that fans of NECRONOMIDOL have been waiting for since the graduation of Sari and Hina. The time of speculation is over and the new members have been announced. There were also a couple of other things announced as well.

First off here are the new members, I am sure that is why most of you are even here.

剣菱くのぎち [Kunogi Kenbishi] (She once in Gokigen Teikoku under the name Hibiki)

みしぇる [Michelle] (She is brand new to the idol world)

From what I have gathered is was a bit of a rough start for the new girls, which is to be expected. They performed a 6 song set, including a new song.

  4. -MC- New member intros
  5. SALEM

The new song, SALEM, has music by Kei Toriki and choreography by YUKO (Manhattan Attitude)

Some photos from the show.

Here is the new official group photo, showing off the new outfits.

They also announced that they will be performing a scheduled monthly show at Shibuya Cyclone.

2/10「BEYOND vol.2」
3/10「BEYOND vol.3」
4/14「BEYOND vol.4」

This will culminate in a one-man on April 30th. Fan club tickets will go on sale in mid February and general sale will begin in early March.

Also at these scheduled shows and the one man will be presented a short film in four parts. Each chapter will be uploaded to YouTube after each event.

In a press release I was told that not only do they have many exciting things in the works for the group, but they also have some “…very, very big things in the works for overseas…”

Official Website:

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