JyuJyu: New Members Announced

I am a bit behind on all the reporting and stuff with real life stuff and what not. Anyhow, I am trying to catch up so I best get to this story. They are one of my favorite groups. After the departure of Minoru, JyuJyu is back to full strength and then some. Lets see who they have added.

I guess the first thing to do is pull out the old announcement tweet.

Since they have not been officially unveiled there really isn’t much information on either of them.

ゆらね (Yurane) [Twitter] has a spanking new Twitter. I am going to imagine that this has been set up specifically for her group activities. At this point there really is nothing else to say about her.

ちゅん (Chun) [Twitter] has a bit more of a Twitter history but there really isn’t much to gather from it, at least as far as being a performer that is. Just the usual stuff, food photos, clothing.

Anyway, here is a photo of the complete new group with Yamitsuki Company behind them. This is from a show on July 9th which took place at Shibuya Milkyway (the tweet says July 8th, I don’t think that is correct). JyuJyu did perform, but I assume it was only Neu and Miori while the new girls watched.

They will have their formal unveiling on July 13th at Rokumeikan. I for one am very excited to hear them. I am sure that JyuJyu will continue to put out high quality music with their new members. Now I am just waiting for the announcement that they are recording.

Official Website: http://jyujyu.info/


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