Melanoleuca: Is This The End?

Very bad news from the Twitterverse on the part of Melanoleuca, a group which I have been following quite a bit. They have certain had their tests since almost the beginning. You can read about the many misfortunes and fortunes in my previous articles. One wonders if they will survive this new misfortune.

I didn’t want to report on this until all the information was out, so I waited until today. I got word of recent developments last night on the groups Twitter.

It is somewhat difficult to translate by machine but the basic message was that Melaonleuca was going on hiatus. I had this verified by management.

I will have to go back in time a bit to give the full story, and I will do so in general terms without much detail. I have already written a story on some of this.

At the end of June the group announced a new member which again made them a duo. At the beginning of this month the original member left the group leaving only the new member, who was pretty much new to idol. On July 8th there was to be an anniversary show for the group and also the birthday for the original member. On that day the newest member was also to debut.

From what I can gather the new member, now finding herself to be a solo act with near to no experience she started to, I assume, become nervous about the situation. Her Twitter communications stopped and it seems she became harder to contact. Then there was some sort of mishap with the costumes. Either way management decided the best thing to do was to cancel the show, and pretty much start over from scratch.

This seems like it could be an uphill battle. They had already started looking for new members but so far had only two applicants.

It also seems that the new member had actually disappeared for a time but has now been contacted and seems to be fine.

This is not the way one wants to see a group end. Of course the manager has said he will continue to look for girls to fill the empty positions but for now Melanoleuca does not exist as an idol group.

And as one last twist of the knife, there was already there was already artwork done for the show and for quite some time it seems.

The saddest part is that she seems to be waving good-bye.

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