GANG PARADE – Beyond the Mountain (MV)

Just chattering away today with my buddy Pureidolheart about the new idol unit his sister is working on, you know, usual day to day stuff. Anyway, I see there is a new Tweet and what did I find? Well, I will tell you. It was something that I (and the rest of the podcast team) have been waiting for.

New GANG PARADE MV. Yes, it is about time. So this is the title track off their upcoming release, and it is a bit different than their usual fare. A bit less electronic, a little more emotion. And damn it, that is one catchy chorus.

The visuals are really good and I found it mix of abstraction and realism. Wow, I sound like some kind of professional critic. Oh, hey, those new outfits are pretty awesome looking as well. I can’t wait to hear the rest of what the release has to offer. Let us take a look at this video.

Yeah, I think I will watch that a couple more times.

Official Website:

If you liked the video you hould probably give them a tiny bit of support by buying the CD.

GANG PARADE – Beyond the Mountain [Type-A]

GANG PARADE – Beyond the Mountain [Type-B]

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