RHYMEBERRY, not a group that was on my radar. I had heard of them and I might have watched one of their videos on during a late night YouTube rotation at some point. Then today something popped up in the old Alternative Idol Facebook group.

I would love to share the actual post with you but it is a closed group. All are welcome, just ask to join. Anyway, good buddy Jake posted this.

Now this really got me interested. Why, well because Ricky is a pretty cool guy, and I am sure something he is involved with has to have some merit. After watching the video I looked at the credits and he is listed there, as if there is any mistaking him for anyone else.

So, the video. It is a well shot affair and the song is super fun and pretty catchy. I probably should have known Idolrap was totally a thing, I mean look at the whole E-Ticket Rap Show project. You should all check RHYMEBERRY out. I will probably be listening to them a little more.

Official Website: https://rhymeberry.tokyo/

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