Bonnou Paradox In VR

An interesting thing popped up as a retweet from 煩悩Paradox my Twitter earlier. An it looked interesting. So, like any curious person I had to see what it was all about. Now I am thinking I need to invest in some new hardware. Here is the tweet.

Now, I knew there were a few groups out there doing the 360 VR thing. Remember that one from BPM15Q? Yeah, so I followed the link and boy was I surprised by what I found. First there are the 煩悩Paradox videos. They take a moment to load, be patient.

煩悩Paradox 『Unknown Paradox』

煩悩Paradox 『RiiiiiiNNE』

煩悩Paradox 『仏 Face 4th』

I do not own a Sony VR headset, but dammit, I might have to find one for loan or something. This website is full of idol videos in VR. some other on the short list I saw were: uijin, You’ll Melt More, BPM15Q, dots, The World Standard just to name a few.

So maybe some of you knew about this or maybe it is new to you. Either way, welcome to the new world I guess.

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