REGiNA KiSS, I Really Like This Group

I was just enjoying another quite night at work, thinking about writing some group histories to go with the discographies I made, when my pal Pure Idol Heart sent me a link. I am always interested in stuff he sends so I took a look. I was absolutely not disappointed.

Now, REGiNA KiSS is not new by any means, their Twitter has been around since September 2015. Their YouTube channel is a bit newer, the first upload is only nine months old, but there is a lot to see there, you should take a look.

I have been told that they are actually a collective of solo artists from Osaka. This means each one of them also has their own stuff they are working on as well. They also on FRESH! by AbemaTV at 20:00 every Saturday. Quite the busy schedule it would seem.

So who do we have in the group? Lets take a look. I don’t really want to give it all away, you should go discover a little more on your own. That is half the fun, isn’t it?

Akie [Twitter]

Akari [Twitter]

Kanna [Twitter]

This is their latest video:

They are also about to release their second mini album which is available along with their two other releases, and all of them come with DVDs:

If you like them you should support them by picking up a CD or two.

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