Zenkimi Previews – Mene’s Solo Song

We have been waiting a little while to hear the two remaining solo songs from Zenkimi, with just Togaren and Mene left to show us their stuff, we waited eagerly to see what Zenkimi would have in store for us and now they have finally delivered, an this time its Mene’s turn!

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Mene as shes probably the member that has gone most under the radar in terms of stage presence and vocals at least to me, I’m sure she has a massive amount of fans but I’ve just never paid attention to her sadly.

Well now shes got the spotlight firmly to herself an taking us back to the old school, with something I could only describe sound wise as being straight from Zenkimi’s first album, Yamikawa IMRAD but this time with slightly better production values.

Its an upbeat with number with plenty of four to the floor dance like kick drum and sparkly synth that is certainly pleasurable listening and sure to appease fans of Zenkimi’s more synth pop sounding material.

Well enough of me rambling on about the song have a listen yourself!

If you like it let Mene know by tagging her and using the hashtag  #3984らぷそでぃー

Official Twitter : https://twitter.com/zenbukiminosei
Official Website : http://kiminosei.com/

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