Tough Times Ahead For mistress?

Got some pretty crummy news today. Then I had to work for nine hours, so that was pretty much like torture. Got off work, drove home and started writing this piece. Usually this type of thing would just roll off the back, you know like water off a duck. But this news was about mistress, so there was a tiny sting to it.

What was the news you ask?

Chia from mistress will be graduating from the group on the 28th of May. This announcement was posted to their official Twitter account this morning (Pacific time).

It seems that she will be leaving to concentrate on finishing her third year of high school. She states in the announcement that she is behind in credits and really wants to finish so she can continue on to university and study law, a childhood dream of hers. I am happy she wants to be successful in life but also super sad, especially since they were just really starting to grow. You know, with the mini-album release and all. But, this sort of thing happens. We wish here the best with her studies.

On the brighter side, mistress has been recruiting for a while now, since April 10th.

I am assuming that they probably already have a replacement for Chia, I also think that the replacement has already been training, and will probably be announced soon and start at the beginning of next month. As I said, this is purely speculating on my part.

Official Website:

Buy the CD: mistress – mistress

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