mistress – Succubus, (Now I Need A Cold Shower)

As you all know, I am like a huge fan of mistress. So when I got my hands on their demo/single, 「Succubus」, a while ago I felt like the happiest boy in the park. Played it on repeat for a bit then ripped it to my hard drive so I could put my special treasure on the shelf. Don’t want to damage those early recordings you know. When I received the new self titled release I wanted to see how it stacked up against the single, so I played it some more. Then I decided to see what they were talking about in the song………

Now for those that have not heard the song, it is kind of a rocker. An odd mix of violin and electric guitar layered over a pretty high BPM drum rhythm. The vocals are layered since the whole group sings the song together, not just the chorus as is usually standard for idols. The sound is pretty energetic and but not overly so. Just sounds like a fun playful song.

Granted the way a song sounds and that songs lyrical content do not always fit together. Since they sent me a nice lyric card with the disk I decided to find out what the song was all about. So I slowly started to enter the Japanese characters into the old translator. It is super time consuming because you have to enter them with the handwriting tool if you don’t have a Japanese keyboard, which I don’t.

Slowly glimpses of the songs lyrical content started to show. Well, I actually had an idea in my head due to the very last words of the song. “make me cum.” Hmmmm….., I figured it was probably the song writer popping in some racy phrasing . But, along with other snippets of English in the song such as “Crime of night” and “Desire of mind” I knew this was probably a pretty adult themed song. Boy, did I underestimate the level of adultness.  I guess the best way is to just give you all the lyrics.

This is pretty 18+ stuff, you have been warned

Thank you to Kayseur for the help in refining my rudimentary translation

mistress – Succubus

*verse 1*

「真面目でおしとやか」 なんて勝手なイメージ
“Majime de oshitoyaka” Nante kattena imēji
“Serious and refined” What a selfish image

守り続けるのは もうウンザリ
Mamori tsudzukeru no wa mō unzari
I’m tired of keeping this up [protecting this image]

たまには私だつて 欲張りになりたいわ
Tamani wa watashida tsute yokubari ni naritai wa
There are times when even I feel greedy [they’re feeling like they want to express themselves, in relation to the previous sentences, maybe there are better words]

リボンをほどいたら ねえ分かるでしょ ・・・ ?
Ribon o hodoitara nē wakarudesho?
If you unravel the ribbon… you know what would happen, right?

甘い肌と引き換えに 夢を見させて欲しいの
Amai hada to hikikae ni kaname o mi sasete hoshī no
In exchange for [sweet skin] I want you to show me some dreams [I think, sweet skin here is used for something like a metaphor of some sensual, physical exchanges; I may be wrong but sweet skin in itself doesn’t sound totally right, maybe something like “in exchange for my soft skin”?]


絡ませた その指先
Karama seta sono yubisaki
Let’s tangle them, our fingers [literally it’s “that/those fingertips”、but fingertips is also used/synonym for fingers and seems more commonly used than 手先]

溺れそう 溢れて止まらない
Obore-sō afurete tomaranai
I am drowning, endlessly overflowing [Given the sexual text throughout the whole thing, it might actually be referencing to something more material and… fluid, than just feelings]

惑わせて もっと 深く
Kan wa sete motto fukaku
Lead me astray farther than ever…

この先を 知りたいから Crime of night
Kono-saki o shiritaikara Crime of night
I want to know the future Crime of night

*verse 2*

初めて ついた嘘 でも後悔し てない
Hajimete tsuita uso demo kōkai shi tenai
It’s the first time I lied, but I have no regret

Papa ni hika reta kyōkai-sen mo
Crossing even the line daddy drew [Something akin to this meaning, but not an exact translation]

今夜は飛び越えて あなたに揺られてたい
Kon’ya wa tobikoete anata ni yura re tetai
Jump over tonight, I want to be shaken by you [Jump obviously mean come on over]

だって 今はこれが 心地いいの
Datte ima wa kore ga kokochi ī no
‘cause that’s what feels good right now

そう 奥まで確かめて 時間なん て忘れて ・・・
Sō okumade tashikamete jikan’na nte wasurete
Yes, check all the way in, forget about time [“oku made” is pretty explicit, this should be interpreted sexually]

溶けてゆく 足先まで
Tokete yuku ashisaki made
I’ll melt on my knees [Loose translation]

赤い花 身体中 咲かせて
Akai hana karadajū sakasete
Let the red flower bloom over my whole body

突き止げて もっと 深く
Tsuki tome-gete motto fukaku
Thrust more deeply

この先を 知りたいから Desire of Mind
Kono-saki o chi itaikara Desire of mind
Because I want to know the future Desire of mind

恥ずかしいくらいに 香る魅惑の Perfume
Hazukashī kurai ni kaoru mi-kan no Perfume
A perfume so aphrodisiac it’s embarrassing

私の中 全部 いっぱいに満たして Preasant
Watashi no naka zenbu-ippai ni mitate Preasant
Body and mind, I’m entirely satisfied – Pleasant


絡ませた その指先
Karama seta sono yubisaki
Our fingers, entangled

溺れそう 溢れて止まらない
Obore-sō afurete tomaranai
I am drowning, endlessly overflowing

惑わせて もっと 深く
Kan wa sete motto fukaku
Lead me astray farther than ever

何もかも 忘れるくらい make me cum
Nanimokamo wasureru kura make me cum
Make me cum so much I forget about everything else

So, there you have it. A song by mistress, one of my favorite alt idol groups. I don’t think you will be finding songs like this from your standard idols. Makes you wonder what the lyrical content of some of the songs on the album are about. With titles like 「ニンフォマニア」 which translates as Nymphomania and  「H-ole」, they may be pretty racy as well. If the text in the CD booklet wasn’t so small I might give those a go, but I can’t read the complex characters.

Official Website: http://mistress.radcreation.jp/

Do you want to buy the CD? You get a towel as well, and we all love towels. Here is a link. You will need a proxy or some other forwarding service to buy it.

https://mistress.theshop.jp/items/5348142 (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)


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