Yannderu ame Lyric Video

I have written a couple short pieces on Yannderu ame, mostly because I love discovering new groups. I also like to find out what they sound like, usually in the discovery stage they have not released anything yet. I can really be a crap shoot. Well I think we won on this roll, This track is good and pretty much what I was expecting them to sound like. I will let Manic do the heavy lifting this time.

Take it away sir:

Good morning! Things are returning to normalish: I’m getting some more time back finally, I think that I may have found a solution to that weird commenting thing (and please tell me yea or nay if it seems to be right for you), there’s idol things happening … yup, good times are upon us. And…

via Get a Little More into What Yannderu Ame Sounds Like — Homicidols

Official Website: http://yannderuame.com

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