BiS – MV, New Visual And More

You might have read a story I wrote yesterday about GANG PARADE, this is a sort of continuation of that story. Another thing that happened during the WACK Auditions was the addition of a couple of members to BiS, as well as the moving of Saki from GANG PARADE to BiS. Plus there are a couple of other things that happened, you know, an MV and visual change.

I suppose you all want a look at the new MV first. Well, are you in the US? Because then tough for you because it is region locked.

Guess what, some kind person put it up on Dailymotion, so you get to see it anyway.

This is the second video from Re:STUPiD. I like it, of course it is following the current trend of “archive” type videos, but I rather enjoy those.

Anyhow on to the next thing, Saki is now officially in BiS (until the end of September). She is listed in the Group member section and in all new official photos. These include the photos of the new visual for the group.

Saki will make her appearance with BiS on May 3rd, the two new members, MOMOLAND and PANLUNA, will appear on the first date of the tour. The  <BiS BAD SOCiAL TOUR> starts on May 30th and runs to the final on July 30th at  福岡DRUM Be-1. This tour promotes the release of the SOCiALiSM (Title subject to change) single which will come in two versions, CD only and CD/DVD.

A track list has not been announced yet, but the DVD version will have the complete version of 『BiS 誕生の詩』

You can already pre-order them here:

BiS – SOCiALiSM (Title subject to change) [CD+DVD]

BiS – SOCiALiSM (Title subject to change)

Official Website:

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