Lyric Holic Kagekidan: Back From The Rabbit Hole

I was alerted to some welcome news today in the Alternative Idol Facebook group. It was posted that リリックホリック歌劇団 (Lyric Holic Kagekidan) had posted some live video. Now, I like this group so I was obviously interested. The more interesting thing is that they have been pretty quite for the good part of six months. They have only been posting their live schedule. So what we got from them was pretty exciting.

To be fair, they have posted a couple of snippets on their official Twitter. The group is not really big on the scene, pretty much keeping to themselves. Live footage has been rare since their full album, “Alice Madness” was released last September, but they are giving us a couple full song live performances. That is a pretty rare thing from this group.

Sit back and enjoy them in their full gothic glory.

Official Website:

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