lyrical school Reformed And Ready To Go

So, I may be a bit out of my depth today with this entry. I may even catch a little flak, but hey, my page, my stories. So I came across a Tweet just on chance and thought I would give it a closer look.

I vaguely remember a while ago someone someplace saying the group lyrical school was done. Well, I came across this tweet.

Now, I had not been a follower of lyrical school, nor had I ever listened to them. For some reason I threw caution to the wind and gave them a whirl. I was pleasantly surprised.

It appears that only two members of the group were left from the previous iteration. After a little looking on the YouTube I found some songs and really kind of dug the rap stylings of the group. They have now added three more girls, I am hoping they will sound the same, or at least similar.

First new member is risano:

Second new member is yuu:

Third new member is hinako:

The existing members, if you are new to the group like I am.



The only other news about them is that they will be putting on a debut one-man on May 21st. All information is located in the link below. It also includes introductions from the new girls.

<lyrical school one man live 2017 ”NEW GAME”@渋谷HARLEM イベント概要>

Official Website:

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