Guso Drop, At It Again

Well, those girls of 偶想Drop really know how to sell a thing. If you have ever bought their CDs before you know they have some unique types of marketing. If you bought the release むし (mushi) you ended up with four copies, you know, so you can distribute three to prospective fans. Then with 偶神 (guushin) they made it limited to 1000 CDs but with 26 cover variations. Sort of a rip on standard idol CDs variants. Well, now we have something new.

For their upcoming release of 「Painfully violent」 they have come up with something new. Most fans know that they love to perform at 目黒 Rockmaykan, so using the venue as a sort of makeshift studio. The new CD is limited to 1000 units, so they tossed 1000 blank “canvases” on the ground and they set to work on the new CD jackets.

Now it looks like the idea they are going for is that the jackets were present during the video for 「Painfully violent」. They certainly look like they were. Now the CD is already available for pre-order.

If you are using a proxy service you can order a CD/t-shirt bundle from Disk Union.

If you don’t use a proxy, or don’t feel like getting a t-shirt, you can always order from CDJapan: 偶想Drop – Painfully violent

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