NECRONOMIDOLxGuso Drop – Dark Chaos GIG

Sometimes things come together in great ways. Who remembers the old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercials? What goes together as well as chocolate and peanut butter? Well, it seems NECRONOMIDOL and 偶想Drop do, as was seen last night at their 2-man live: 『暗黒混沌GIG』.

Yeah, this is really just a fluff piece made mostly of photos, but damn it, I just could not resist. I think this could be one of the greatest things I have seen take place on an alt idol stage. So just bear with me. Anyway, who doesn’t like looking at idols anyway right? It is half the draw.

So, the basics of the show were this: It took place at Shinjuku ANTIKNOCK. It was only ¥2500. They were going to exchange costumes and songs. Plus they were having collaborative cheki. Now, we also have video of the songs that they swapped. I will tell you, they are pretty sweet.

First the photos, videos at the end.

NECRONOMIDOL wearing Guso Drop’s outfits

Himari as Rei

Hina as Rin

Rei as Yura

Risaki as Miyako

Sari as Waka

Here is 偶想Drop dressed as NECRONOMIDOL. They all seemed to want to wear Sari’s makeup, for the most part.

Anna as Rei

Rei as Risaki

Miyako as Himari

Rin as ETRANGER era Risaki

Waka as Sari

Yura as Hina

Well, that was fun. I think they all look great. Now, let’s get to the meat of why you are probably here……. the videos.

First we have 偶想Drop doing SARNATH

And here is NECRONAMIDOL doing Hirari Hira Hira

And there is even a bonus item, a duet with Himari and Rei singing “Maji Love 1000%“, theme to the anime Uta no Prince-sama.

So, I am sure that most of you will agree that this is a great thing to witness. It makes me wonder who came up with this great idea.

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