Malcolm Mask McLaren – Bordeaux (MV)

I could have sworn we just talked about the release of Malcolm Mask McLaren’s new CD, Bordeaux. Well, we are back again and for good reason. We have a new MV. Now, MMM is a group that I have not really gotten into, you know, I do have to listen to a lot of stuff to do these and you can’t listen to everything to your hearts content.

This is what I always imagined they sounded like when they have been described to me. I also really like the archive feel of the video. If you are a big MMM fan you should really enjoy the footage. If you are just a casual or this is your first exposure this really seems like a good entry point. Without further ado, here is the video.

Official Website:

If you really liked this tune, you can order up the CD.

Malcolm Mask McLaren – Bordeaux

2 thoughts on “Malcolm Mask McLaren – Bordeaux (MV)

  1. This is excellent! You really should make some time to give them a listen, Melodic Hardcore is one of the best albums out there! I’m listening to it as type at the moment. This is a great video, I really like all the BTS footage of them practicing in the halls, in the parking lot, eating, trying to eat with masks on, etc. My favorite part is that we finally get to look at their faces! The mask gimmick is cool and I don’t think it’s going anywhere, but finally seeing their smiles melted my heart! 😉

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