WACK Audition – Third Dance Performance

After all the craziness during the individual PR videos, with all the crying, drinking weird stuff, solo skits and showing ones “talents”, we needed a bit of a break. Well, we did not get one. This dance performance was seemingly all or nothing, especially with one of BiSH’s best live songs already stolen from them. Today you are really in for a treat. We have video of each performance………. nice.

First up was GANG PARADE, and did they bring the heat. Hell, they even fashioned some microphones for added realism. This was so much better than the previous two days offerings, I actually clapped when they were done……….. no joke.

Second was BiS. Now having lost one song already, they are in no shape to be losing more. They came to show everyone what they could do. And then, well, I will call it the curse of Hirano. There is really no other thing I can say other than why is she still here? I don’t know. Anyway, the video pauses in a couple places, especially at the beginning. That was the stream, nothing could be done about it.

Third was BiSH and I will tell you something, they were not messing around. Momokogumi.inc really brought it too. No wonder she is an audience favorite. The routine was good (all the routines today were). This one did have a couple stand out moments.

So, in the end it is really down to Watanabe. He did pass judgement, I have left his critiques on the videos, in case you did not get to see him in action on any of the other days. He was pretty impressed and really did not have anything bad to say. There wasn’t even any real crying today. That is always a nice thing to see.

First place was GANG PARADE, kind of a shock as they are always the underdogs. Second place was BiSH and last was BiS. I have noticed that what ever team Hirano is on comes in last, coincidence?

Watch the WACK Auditions live on NicoNico Prime

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