WACK Audition – Second Dance Performance

After an eventful morning with the announcement of the first two eliminations, we were told later that there were a total of five girls gone. I do not know who the other three are yet. We will let you know in tomorrow’s morning recap.

I guess we will get on with it. The second dance performance went a little better than the first……..

First to perform today was Team BiS, again doing BiSBiS. The dancing and vocal were very good. You could really tell they put in a lot of practice (They did, I watched all the practice). Overall I would say it might have been better than yesterday.

Sorry, no video for this one.

Second up was Team BiSH, same tune as yesterday, Hoshi ga. Vocals were great, the dancing was great, minus the performance of Hirano. I am not sure if she really knows what she is doing. She does seem to be talked about a lot on the socials though. I would rate this as the best performance of the day. Plus they introduced some new moves.

Oh, look we have video today, courtesy of Kayseur.

Third was Team GANG PARADE doing Plastic 2 Mercy. Unfortunately the ydid about as well as yesterday. Watanabe said they were all over the place. I just don’t think this particular song’s choreography is made for this type of judged performance, it is much to easy to lose track and become out of sync with everyone else, with all the jumping around and what not.

Another courtesy of Kayseur

The final decision was the BiSH was first, BiS second adn GANG PARADE was 3rd, again. They will really have to step it up tomorrow.

I do not have a bunch of crying girls this time, as there were not many to be found, they really held it together for the most part. Well, minus one.

Watch the WACK Auditions live on NicoNico Prime

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