A Rose by any other name…..would be a Lily?

Well I woke up to this announcement from Yanakoto Sotto Mute on twitter a few hours ago

So what did I do? I played both Ep’s back to back to hype myself up for the eventual release time and now its finally here and boiii is it good!

Taken from their upcoming album release BUBBLE, the song ‘Lily’ has always been one of my favourites ever since I first heard it on their ‘Sealing EP’ so you can imagine my excitement to know it was this song they picked for a glorious MV!

Can I just point out how on point these girls aesthetics are? from their intricately patterned but plain white caped outfits that show they want the MUSIC to do the REAL talking, to their artistic well performed choreography in a perfect location for their theme all to the sweet backing track of some amazingly composed emotionally tinged grunge, yes this is A* material here people.

If this is the first thing you’ve heard from Yanamute then I question “where have you been?” but more just urge you to check out more of their fantastic material. For those interested their Album BUBBLE come’s out 5th of April!

@YanakotoSM                                                                                                           yanakotosottomute.com


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