Oh WACK, You Are So Silly

Remember a while ago when WACK announced the BiSH, BiS, GANG PARADE joint audition back in February? Yeah, folks were really trying to figure out what it was all about for quite some time. Are they adding new members? Who is leaving what group? Things of this nature. Some people didn’t really care because it just seemed like another one of the way to often WACK publicity stunts. Guess what…..

It is just WACK building another group, sigh. This sure smacks of the whole BiS/SiS ordeal. Anyway, They are doing the final step of the auditions from March 28th to April 2nd. It will probably be done like the BiS audition, all filmed and stuff. You will be able to watch it here:  WACK所属の BiSH、BiS、GANG PARADE 合同オーディション完全密着!!, It even says “deadly battle” in the description.

But at the end it seems we will be treated to a joint show by the new “group”, BiSH, BiS and GANG PARADE. This probably won’t be shown over NicoNico.

Here is the tweet with the announcement.

Official Website: http://www.wack.jp/

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