TO THE END – You Will Love It Or Hate It, Your Choice

So, this is slightly out of the area of idols, except it is Aina The End we are looking at. She teamed up with TeddyLoid (we talked about this on the podcast last week) to make an EP. Well now we have a video for those of us to cheap to buy the thing on iTunes. Well, I am not an EDM fan so I will let you judge this. From what I have been seeing around the Twitterverse you will be one of two extremes on this one. You are going to love it or hate it, the choice is yours. Maniac has a bit more on it. Plus he has been sniping off me for a bit, I need to get one back.

If you recall, in our post-“Promise the Star” world, the most exciting thing about BiSH was the announcement that Ainajiendo herself would be featured on multihyphenate TeddyLoid’s new EP, which would include a cover of “MONSTERS” and a whole bunch of other stuff. A lot of you are going to be just as excited as…

via Please Take Four Minutes Today to Take in Aina and TeddyLoid — Homicidols

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