Miyako, Tough as Nails

I am sure some of you heard there was a slight mishap at the 偶想Drop×Aphrodite 2-man Live @渋谷O-nest. During the performance of 偶神 Miyako (I call her the quiet one) can be seen to just sort of fall forward and disappear from view.

I have heard she was putting her foot up on the speaker or metal railing and missed. She fell forward and smashed her mouth into the metal rail. She pops back up on stage and continues with the show. About 35 minutes later she tells Anna what happened and the show ends. Now, I have had broken teeth and I don’t think that I would be able to finish a performance like that. It would be pretty painful even after the initial impact. It seems she also hurt her leg when she fell as well.

She has already been to the dentist and had the pieces put back in so everything is back to normal. It looks like she won’t be missing any shows. I am glad she is back so fast, nobody wants to see a performer get injured.

Oh and 偶想Drop beat Aphrodite.

Official Website: http://gusodrop.info/

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