Rinahamu Says: MV Shoot

Earlier today Rinahamu tweeted that today is day one of an MV shoot. Now, we do know it is a shoot for a CY8ER video, but not what song, we will have to wait for that information. This seems pretty quick to be shooting a video but sometimes you have to move fast in the idol world just to keep your momentum going. This one is going to be very Twitter post heavy, there was a lot to see.

Here they are at the beginning of the day, getting ready to start shooting.

There were also a couple of photos of the shooting location. I don’t know if that clues us into what the song is or not, but it looks like a roof top location.

And another of the girls up there. And they are just being cute as all get out.

Pochi is worn out from a long shoot.

They all lool like they could use a good rest.

And since it is so long since all of that happened, they are now getting ready to start up with day two.

I will just keep adding as they post them.

Official Website: http://icigostyle.com/cy8er

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