Living Dead I Dolls, What Are You Up To?

In typical alt-idol fashion, the girls of Living Dead I Dolls are being very coy about what they are up to recently. It seems that something is in the works but it is a little ambiguous at the moment. Now lets see if we can piece this together what is going on, or perhaps it will still be up in the air. This is gonna be tweet heavy, with photos and all that stuff.

First tweet I saw was this, which of course interested me greatly. When an idol says “shooting” with a film camera emoji, well, you just need to know what it is all about.

Interesting, no? Then a tweet about taking cheki. This probably has no actual bearing on what was happening during the day, but what better place to snap some cheki than on the video set.

And if this isn’t part of a video set I don’t know what is happening anymore.

And then to finish off the day, we go this one. If I  can paraphrase, it pretty much says: Shooting is done, it was fun. I want everyone to see it as soon as possible.

By the way, this background also looks like a set.

Then this morning (in Japan of course) this. She says she is sore from shooting all day yesterday and today she has lessons and recording. Very interesting the recording part.

I would say that they were most likely shooting a video, are we all in agreement here? I for one, am pretty excited about this. I would love to see a video.

Additional information has come to light about the recording. It seems that they will release the new recordings at the show on February 24th.

Also whatever they filmed will be coming soon.

Official Website:

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