Pikarin and Shinozaki Kokoro, Awesome

Well just after the previous story I did something else caught my eye on the old YouTubes. Pikarin doing a show, but with a partner on stage. Interest piqued, I of course had to check it out. I will tell you something right now, this has to happen again…….. and again, because it is awesome. The second on stage as Shinozaki Kokoro, formerly of petit pas! This was all from 2016『魔界のえんそく〜ぴかりんとハロウィンに逝こう〜』 – Pikarin’s 2016 Halloween Show. I just wonder why it took so long for this to surface, or maybe I was completely oblivious the first time it showed up.

First up is 魔界のI LOVE YOU

Second up is Re:START

These two really need to work together more often, that is for sure.

Official Websites

Pikarin: https://www.pikarin.jp/

Kokoro Shinozaki / DJ GIZMO: http://kokoro-shinozaki.mave-ricks.com/

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