A Sad Day Indeed……

Please see supplemental story for new details.

Oh Avex Group, do you have no business sense at all? Starting at 18:00 JST February 15, 2017 products produced by Avex Group, of any type, will not be exported by them or any online shops. I am not sure if Avex knows how large the Japanese music fan base is outside of Japan (along with the anime fanbase as well). One has to wonder if they have looked at export sales numbers produced by HMV, CDJapan, Amazon.jp or Tower Records. It would seem to me that this is all a horrible business move.

Story details at Arama Japan

It could have something to do with the new partnership Avex has made with Downtown. Details on the deal are still uncertain as they have not been released but this could have something to do with the export ban. I suppose we will all have to ride this out and see what happens. I would really hate to lose the ability to export all my BiSH, BiS, The World Standard and other Avex artists from Japan.

Announcement from Downtown Music Publishing

Story at Music Business World

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