…..and More Work Done

As you all know (maybe), I have been doing a little work on some visual discographies. Well, since I am such rubbish at finding any news worth reporting at the moment I thought I would give you an update on how the discographies are coming along.

As you know I already had a pretty good amount of information down on BiS and BiSH. I have now added entries for FRUITPOCHETTE and 偶想Drop. I am continuing to do work on all the groups listed previously here.

I am also trying to acquire more examples of hard to find releases for the most accurate information, and I also like to collect them. My latest pick up is this:


It is 疾風迅雷 Regular Drums Version. I had always assumed it had the same cover as the original. Well, now I will be able to get the information out to collectors and fans, because as we all know this information is extremely lacking.

Anyway, that is where we are on that. Now back to looking for some news.

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