WACKy Wild stuff

It all started with a tweet from BiS: Announcement at 20:00. OK, nothing new, probably another one of their 100km runs or they are going to switch from chicken salad to shrimp. Then one from BiSH, then GANG PARADE. Well, I thought, what is this all about, news from the whole WACK family. I thought I had better check back in a couple hours. So I waited……

Well, depending on who or where you are, it is either great news or just meh…. news. If you are in Japan you can go see BiSH play a two-man live with punk band LONGMAN on April 13.

You more into GANG PARADE? Here is the news from them. They are coming out with a new shirt. I might pick one up if possible, I do like the looks of that pig.

BiS more your style? You can look forward to a No Music, No Idol poster from Tower Records when you buy the new album. Might see about getting this one as well.

All in all, I guess i would say it is all news. Not all of it is useful to all of us, but at least we know what is going on.

Official Websites:

BiSH: http://www.bish.tokyo/

GANG PARADE: http://www.gangparade.com/

BiS: http://www.brandnewidolsociety.tokyo/

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