New Website Section…….. Fun Stuff

Some of you that follow me over on the old Facebook already now that I am a pretty ravenous collector of Japanese music. I have decided to put up a good portion of my collection on the website here, a sort of visual discography. Since I am the type of person that needs to own all the versions of all the things I thought I would put it all to good use (besides all of the listening that I do).

I am starting to construct a bunch of pages that will be filled with as much information about each release as I can fit, plus a bunch of photos of each CD and its inserts and what-not. I hope this will be useful to other collectors and alt idol enthusiasts. When I get a good portion of at least one group up I will report again. All the pages I am working on will be open for viewing so you can see the progress. I will be starting out with BiS. There is more info on the opening page of the collection about what will be included so far.

Well, this is most of the stuff I am working with. Of course the vinyl and printed material don’t fit on that shelf but it will be included. Also in the photo below you will notice some non idol stuff. That will not be included.


Wish me luck.

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