Kimitoboku, A Fairy Tale Horror Romance

Just browsing around Twitter, checking up on some of my “idols to watch”, Living Dead I Dolls in this instance and this tweet popped up….

Along with a slew of others. Of course I instantly want to know who are the other girls in the photo. Well a bit of digging, not to much mind you, led me to the answer.

This is 君と僕、ときどきメランコリック (Kimitoboku, tokidoki merankorikku), they have an interesting concept.  As describe on their website: An idol unit with three concepts, fairy tale, horror and romance, interesting to say the least. They seem to be newly reformed, as of December 24, 2016 when they added Mikoto, Mero and Riima as new members to the already existing  Ryon and Mocha. At this point, according to their site, they formed a new organization, the one they have now.

I am not sure what the previous group was called or what their concept was, possibly something similar. The actual name of the group was the same according to their YouTube channel, which was started in September 2014.

They do have one single, 「どらきゅらり」, released February 23, 2016. Only two of the girls in the video are in the current group.

There really isn’t much more I could find, perhps  little digging around in their Twitter accounts will yield something. Or maybe it won’t, they do seem to be active, eleven shows already scheduled for February, maybe they will put something current on their YouTube soon.

Official Website:

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