Yamitsuki Company……. What is all this?

Our good pal, RamenShuriken, over on the Twitter clued us into this group Yamitsuki Company ((株)やみつきカンパニー). He is pretty good with stuff of this nature so I gave it a go. Hey, guess what, they are pretty damn good. This is their first MV, 『病ンデレ///Sickness』, and I really like it. I even looked into the group a bit and learned they just did a very odd thing.

What is the odd thing you may be asking? Well, it is that they just did a one-man live on January 29,2017. Some tickets to this performance were ¥10,000 VIP passes called shareholder tickets. This entitled the holder to be considered staff for the live, including venue entry at the same time as the group. They even held a “board meeting” with the “members” before the show. A very novel concept indeed. More details on this story at BARKS Japanese Music Network (Japanese language)


It looks like they will hold several more one-man lives of this type in the future, including the VIP “member” passes.

25 March,2017 at 下北沢LIVEHOLIC
26 March, 2017 at 下北沢LIVEHOLIC
5 May, 2017 at Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO

If you want details they are located in the description of the new MV

I was unable to find an official website for the group so here is their Twitter.

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/yamitsuki_com

One last thing to be aware of……… I think they may be some sort of Illuminati front…….. just saying.


2 thoughts on “Yamitsuki Company……. What is all this?

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