Bonnou Paradox Putting in Some Hard Work

Here at Straight From Japan we have supported 煩悩Paradox from the start, sort of our own little special idol group to nurture and grow. Being a pretty new act people probably don’t expect to much from them, but they would like to show you what they are made of.

They are well aware that they already have international support, shoot, a couple of us westerners were ready to pretty much throw money at their initial Campfire crowdfunding effort (if it were only open to international donors……. sigh).

Anyhow, here they are showing us what they are made of. So far they have put three of there song up on their YouTube channel so we can all see what they can do, and they are kind enough to put the lyrics at the bottom.

Here is the first offering, Unknow Paradox

Number two is RiiiiiiNNE

Last but not least is 仏 FACE 4th

Well, it all looks pretty good, now we can only wait for a single or maybe even an EP.

Their producer, Suzuki Daiten, was kind enough to let me know who the choreographers are.

『UnknowParadox』 – sonch0
『RiiiiiiNNE』 – MAYU TIME
『仏 FACE 4th』 – rntymu

Official Website:

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